Zentangle Finale.

If you are even slightly thinking of taking an Altenew Academy class…I would highly recommend the Zentangle for Cardmakers class. It is six days of incredible and easy to follow lessons. It has changed my perspective on many of my stamps by adding hand drawn elements. And of course, it’s all about the zen; trust the process.

My final homework assignment for day six includes almost all the tangles we learned in class. I used the Altenew Sohcahtoa set to frame the tangles and added some dimension with a cool grey Copic marker. I also used some of the striped triangle images to give some color to the card.

Just because it is the last day of class, this doesn’t mean I’m done with Zentangle. Seriously, I look at all my stamps with an added creative element and greater possibility. If you love florals, adding Mooka or Cat-Kin to any of these cards is SO easy and adds to your arrangement. In fact, one of my crafty friends over on Instagram has her very own tangle after taking the class. I hope to use it very soon on a new project. Stay tuned!

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