Geometric Moon.

Hi everyone, welcome back! Today I wanted to try something different with a stamp set I love which is the Altenew To the Moon. As many of you know, I love the art of the cosmos; anything scientific/geometric/astrological that I can incorporate into my card. I don’t do this sort of look often, because I know it’s not for everyone. But I would rather document my creative process so I can improve later in future projects.

I created a rhombus panel by doing some ink smooshing. My intention was to create a sort of window that resembled a galaxy or a nebula. I’ve seen tattoos online that had this similar layout to them…a geometric shape that has a focal point to it. I hope to replicate this again in the future.

Even though there are some design elements to this card that I wish I would have done differently, I hope that there are pieces that still inspire you all to interpret this card in your own way. What I hope to do next time is tone down the rhombus panel, I feel like the texture of the moon and the ink smooshing are too similar. I also wish I propped up the nebula on a dark background instead. These things happen and I’d rather be transparent with you all rather than hide my mistakes.

I hope you all have a great day, and I appreciate you stopping by. Do you all have cards that you just CANNOT give away? I have a few that I just consider my gems and they just stay on display in my craft room.

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