AECP – Easy Die Cutting Techniques + Video

Hi everyone, so listen. It has been more than two months since I’ve worked on a project submission for the Altenew Educator Certification Program. The Altenew Academy course that coincides with this card is Easy Die Cutting Techniques (ALT). If this is your first time hearing about AECP or Altenew Academy, Atlenew offers classes taught by amazing artists that I have looked up to for many years. AECP is a creative journey to build your skills and learn how to stretch your Altenew products. Several classes are offered for free if you would like to get a feel for the layout of class.

Most of the reason why I have not contributed a project to AECP is because I was trying to find a way to introduce something new to the conversation. Not only did I want to show die cutting techniques and how I like to use them, but I wanted to encourage you all to try something new as well. In the video, you will see that I manipulated the paper in some sort of way before die cutting to introduce a new element of texture and interest to my project.

I hope you try something new with your paper to add an element of texture to your die cuts. You don’t necessarily have to add so many folds like I did–you could get away with one fold and still create dimension and interest. Another idea is to create fringe before die cutting. My recommendation is to use a die that has a lot of surface area to showcase the wonderful texture you created.

Anyway, I actually have the next (and final) video recorded before the final level 1 challenge. I will have that video published soon. If you’re new to my blog, welcome–I would greatly appreciate a follow over on my Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t already. Talk to you all very soon, and have the best day!

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Easy Die Cutting Techniques

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Zodiac Constellation Die Bundle

Virgo-Zodiac Constellation Die Set

Puffy Heart Metallic Shimmer Ink Spray

8 thoughts on “AECP – Easy Die Cutting Techniques + Video

  1. I think you are amaaaaaazing!!! I cant wait for you to finish this program and become an Educator Jaycee!! Wait, have I said this before? I have, havent I? Oh whatever! I love your work! This card is no exception. And I just love how you want to push yourself every time! Thank you for doing that!
    Thanks for entering you amazeballs work to the AECP assignment gallery! Keep it up! Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

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