Altenew Craft-A-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid Release Blog Hop + Giveaway ($200 in total prizes)

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Hey everyone! It’s the 7th of the month, which means it’s time for the September 2021 Craft-a-Flower reveal (ALT)! I’m so excited to join Altenew for the brand new Craft-a-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid Release (ALT) and Blog Hop! Thanks so much to my good friend Seeka for relaying you over to my blog. If you want to relive the amazing project ideas from the team of designers for this release, head back over to the Altenew Card Blog or keep reading to find the complete blog list. Don’t miss the wonderful giveaway opportunities as well–more on that down below!

Craft-a-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid

I am particularly excited about this release because for the first time, I own a flower in my collection that correlates to an Altenew release! No ‘Google-ing’ reference images! As of this post, I have five Orchidaceae–one of them being the Dendrobium ‘Chocolate Chip.’ This Dendrobium has creamy white petals with brown speckling, giving it that chocolate chip appearance.

To preserve the creamy-white flowers, I cut all the flower layers from white cardstock. After gluing and layering the petals, I ink blended a mix of yellow inks concentrating on the tips of the petals. Then I assembled the centers of the flowers in the same manner, this time making a pink blend. The leaves come from a very old scrap panel of watercolor…possibly from the Craft-a-Flower: Antique Rose project.

I improvised a terra cotta pot using Mod Vases Die Set and scrap Caramel Toffee cardstock. Then I added black splatters onto a white background panel. Finally I used a sentiment from Paint-a-Flower: White Swan Echinacea, but just the Love portion. That finishes my showcase arrangement using my Dendrobium ‘Chocolate Chip.’

Materials and Supplies

Craft-a-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid

Ink Blending Tool – Small

Mod Vases Stamp/Die/Mask Stencil Bundle

Paint-a-Flower: White Swan Echinacea

This is a monthly subscription plan for Altenew’s Craft-A-Flower die set. When signed up, you are guaranteed a spot in Altenew’s monthly Craft-A-Flower releases and will receive a set each month at a specially discounted price! ($35.99 →$29.99)


$200 in total prizes! To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to 2 lucky winners and a $20 gift certificate to 5 winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or each designer’s blog post on the blog hop list below by 09/13/2021 for a chance to win.

Altenew will draw 7 random winners from the comments left on each stop of this blog hop and announce the winners on the Altenew Winners Page on 09/15/2021.

Thank You!

I really appreciate you stopping by and participating in this blog hop. If you like what you’ve seen from me, please give me a follow over on my Instagram (@jaycee.gaspar) and/or subscribing to my blog and YouTube if you haven’t already.

Next is Sandhya Iyer‘s Blog!

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53 thoughts on “Altenew Craft-A-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid Release Blog Hop + Giveaway ($200 in total prizes)

  1. Craft-a-Flower: Dendrobium Layering Die Set Release.,,, Thank you … you have made stamping fun… it is calming to listen to you.. thank you


    1. I cut, then assemble/glue, then color the piece as a whole. For example I did the petals first as one glued piece. Then colored the seal as one glued piece. Hopefully that makes more sense.


  2. Love your take on these lovely flowers. Well done!
    I also pray that my 65th birthday on September 15th comes with an awesome gift of a prize from Altenew 🎉🥳


  3. Lovely and elegant. I have so many orchids in pots in my house, and how I love when they bloom and rebloom. Your card reminds me of them.


  4. You always go that extra step that makes your cards outstanding! Beautiful! What fun that you could take your colors from real life!


  5. The lovely collection of craft-a-flower dies are some of my favorite Altenew products and this orchid is definitely going onto my “need it” list! I love your unique twist using the planter and orchids!


  6. Gorgeous JC–love what you did! Congrats on your move to a different area, as a recently retired health care worker myself, I certainly get it. Everyone needs a break and chance to learn something new.


  7. So pretty and inspiring, dear Jaycee! Thank you for sharing.
    I have to be honest with you though — I was looking forward to see your plant and was scrolling down, down, down… no plant other than the gorgeous paper version. Please share a picture of your orchid. Thanks and all the best,


    1. By the time I got this set…poor Dendrobium ‘Chocolate Chip’ is no longer in bloom in my green space. I don’t think I have a baby picture of her either sadly. Believe me, I have regrets I couldn’t share it with you all.


  8. So pretty, Jaycee. I think my head would explode with so many little pieces to put together. 😂😂😂 I have two real orchids. A white one and a purple one. The white one was struggling and never seemed to bloom. I changed its pot and it came back to life! I was so excited when the branch came up and was giddy when it started to bloom. What a dork! I did indeed take pictures! Like yours, my blooms have fallen off, but I am so excited for the next season.


  9. Great card! Love the way you displayed the orchid as a house plant and the splatters just enhance the loveliness of the orchid.


  10. This is my new favorite Craft A Flower set. The “chocolate chip” orchid sounds beautiful and your take on the real flower is beautiful!. The speckled blooms are adorable. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Beautiful! I don’t know much about flowers (and what I do know I’ve mostly learned from Altenew), but this Dendrobium Orchid is gorgeous.


  12. Quite the beautiful die set! I was anticipating seeing a photo of your inspiration, too bad we didn’t get to see your flower. Thanks for sharing your work.


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