My name is Jaycee Gaspar. In my professional life, I am a proud Medical Laboratory Scientist. In my personal life, I love making handmade greeting cards. I started to explore the world of papercraft in December 2015 when I refused to buy “Thank You” cards for the people who aided me in my career transition and education. Instead, I began the initial investment into card making and paper craft. So began my research into watercolor, photo polymer stamps, and brush lettering. Ever since then, my collection has grown–I’ve had the great pleasure of sharing my work with all of you, and I am always so excited to see what you all create. My style and inspiration are simple–understated sentiments and very basic layouts.

This image that I use for signing all my posts is a Daruma Doll. He is inspired by my time overseas as an Air Force Brat. He is a rubber stamp I carved myself and I use it to show my recipients that their cards are made by me with love. I use him symbolically as a ‘birthday candle;’ I give my recipient an opportunity to make a wish, and when that wish comes true, then they can fill in the other eye of the Daruma Doll.

I’m glad you stopped and took a moment to get to know a little bit about my craft. My goals as a paper crafter are to inspire my readers and to expand my creative energy. Please contact me if you have any questions.